About Speckled Wood Wildlife....

Speckled Wood Wildlife is a family run and family orientated business. Founders and Directors, Roo and Nicky have run residential field trips for the last 20 years, spanning the UK, Europe and further afield. Married since 2003, their first date was to see a Snowy Owl in Suffolk.  Having lived in East Anglia, St Andrews (Scotland) and now South Wales for the past 15 years they have settled near Pontypool, in easy reach of the Black Mountains, the Forest of Dean and many specialist sites for butterflies, dragonflies and birds.

Our Values & Mission

  • We want to inspire others to develop a greater understanding and awareness of the world around them.

  • We want to be accessible cost-wise & welcoming for families, informal, accessible & friendly.

  • We operate as tour guides, giving people the option to book accomodation & travel to suit their budgets & needs.

  • We only use our own photos & videos in our business and love building our collection as we see and enjoy more wildlife.

  • Our passion is delivering field based days, and we're blessed in Wales to have a range of rich & diverse habitats.

  • We would love to work with other family run businesses with similar values to us, to help us offer the best experience and opportunities to our customers.


Forty years ago my parents bought me a pair of binoculars and I got hooked on birding! I doubt they, or I, had any idea how that would snowball in to a passion for natural history that has taken me to over 50 countries around the world watching and studying wildlife: birds, butterflies, dragonflies, orchids, through to surveying coral reefs and rocky shores. Ive led or co-led over 50 overseas field trips and too many guided day trips all around the UK to be able to count. These trips have ranged from pure recreation to educational as part of my long-term career as a lecturer in biology.


species of bird, hundreds of species of butterfly and dragonfly around Europe, a range of stunning orchids, from my local patch near Pontypool, the wonderful countryside of South Wales, the wider UK from North Wales to Scotland, the mountains and coasts of Europe, through to the rainforests of South America. Now I’d like to share that through the courses, local trips and longer tours of North Wales, Scotland and destinations in Europe run through Speckled Wood Wildlife.

Underlying all this is a strong desire to share my passion for natural history to like-minded people of all ages. There’s nothing more fun than showing someone something they have never seen before, whether it’s simply to identify a new species or understand the details of its ecology. I’ve been incredibly lucky to see so much myself: almost 4000

Having been a passionate environmentalist all of my life, I trained in  Marine Biology (to PhD level) and moved into a career working for environmental charities supporting a range of conservation and community growing projects.  My passion has always been informal learning and running a field studies centre in Abergavenny gave me the perfect opportunity to develop my teaching skills. I then worked for a range of social enterprises leading on business development, giving me a whole host of business and financial skills. In 2017 I was made redundant, but re-focused and gained my training qualification to enable me to set up as a freelance trainer. Now I mix my passions of the environment with delivering training, and setting up Speckled Wood Wildlife is the realisation of many years of dreaming.  As the main back office support for the business, my passion for wildlife and landscape photography has been re-ignited after 13 busy years of looking after two young children.     


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Phoebe & Alec

As a family we've always spent a great deal of time in the outdoors, enjoying nature, walking, photography, wild camping, and generally going on holiday to places with mountains! Both of the children have had some amazing close up experiences with nature including handling mountain ringlets, deaths head hawk-moths, and feeding carrots to Marmots.  Now aged 15 and 12 they get involved from time to time with day trips, Phoebe is focusing on developing her watercolour painting of nature and Alec is always keen to demonstrate how to safely handle wildlife for closer inspection.

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