We're busy in the field!...

Now Spring is in full swing, we're out and about as much as we can, helping our zoom learners to experience the wildlife that we've been talk about during all of these lockdowns. We'll be offering more zoom courses starting in September, but contact us if you'd like to join us for a trip before then!

We're still limiting trips to 4 to 6 people.  Here's an example trip report and video from one of our trips at the start of July 21. Check out our Day Trips page to hear our rough plans, but contact us to recieve full details.

Speckled Wood Wildlife offers you the opportunity to learn and experience a diverse array of nature in Wales, the UK or beyond.  We run;

  • Evening & Weekend Courses; combined evening indoor sessions with full day field trips

  • Weekend Residential Courses; combining a more intensive field experience with evening learning sessions

  • Day Excursions; for individuals or local interest groups

  • UK & European Guided Tours; we'll guide you around a range of sites, with opportunities to enjoy some of the UK and Europe's best Butterflies. 

Species we'd love to share with you;

  • Silver Studded Blues (sub-race) (North Wales)

  • Marsh Fritillaries (South Wales)

  • Fen and other Orchards (South Wales)

  • Chequered Skipper (Scotland)

  • Pied Flycatchers (Mid Wales)

​​Past Courses we've run include;

  • Wading Birds

  • Virtual Spring Wildlife

  • Winter Garden Birds

  • A Butterfly Year

  • An Introduction to Garden Birds

  • An Introduction to Moths

Courses we're planning to run include;

  • Woodland Birds

  • Rocky Shore Biology

  • An Introduction to Garden & Common Butterflies

  • Garden Bird; nesting & behaviour

If you don't see what you want mentioned please do not hesitate to contact us.

Explore our website through the linksbehind the pictures; courses, workshops, tours, blog, art, contact us.

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