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Speckled Wood Wildlife offers you the opportunity to learn and experience a diverse array of nature in Wales, Gloucester/ South West region, and beyond.  We specialise in birds, butterflies, dragonflies, moths, and rocky shore wildlife and offer a range of courses and trips through-out the year, along with bespoke trips for individuals and talks/ guided walks for organised groups.  We can also help you to develop field skills and improve your photography skills to enhance your wildlife interactions, identification and recording.


Directors & Guides, Drs Roo & Nicky Perkins share their extensive photographic and video libraries to illustrate the courses in a personal and informative way, helping like-minded people to see and enjoy the amazing diversity of nature present in their gardens, their local area and at sites further afield.

Teaching a course on wildlife identification


Teaching people about the rocky shore on a wildlife day trip

Day Trips

Helping people to wildlife watch through tailored and bespoke guided walks


Speckled Wood Wildlife sites for specialist butterflies including purple emperor

About Us

Hear what our customers say about Speckled Wood Wildlife


Talks about wildlife to groups

Group Talks & Tours

Our Values & Mission

  • We want to inspire others to develop a greater understanding and awareness of the world around them.

  • We want to be accessible cost-wise & welcoming for families, informal, accessible & friendly.

  • We operate as tour guides, giving people the option to book accomodation & travel to suit their budgets & needs.

  • We only use our own photos & videos in our business and love building our collection as we see and enjoy more wildlife.

  • Our passion is delivering field based days, and we're blessed in Wales to have a range of rich & diverse habitats.

  • We would love to work with other family run businesses with similar values to us, to help us offer the best experience and opportunities to our customers.

For more information about Speckled Wood Wildlife, our Directors/ Guides, please see the 'About Us' section.

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