Testimonials & Past Courses

We always love to hear feedback on our zoom courses and day trips. Here's what our customers thought:

Did you achieve/ learn what you were hoping for from attending the course?

4.9 stars out of 5

Was the speed and level of information presented about right?

4.8 stars out of 5

Would you recommend Speckled Wood Wildlife to a friend?

5 stars out of 5

Sp29 Chalkhill Blue (m) (u).jpg



A great course with a great tutor. Roo really knows his butterflies and along with Nicky's images, this was a very enjoyable & informative course. Highly recommended!




A very enjoyable, informative course, led by two knowledgeable and enthusiastic teachers. They used Zoom to good advantage and the sessions feel friendly and interactive.

Emperor Moth-8.jpg



Professionally presented by both with effective use of original visual material. Pitched right, engaging the clientele and offering challenge. Da iawn!




I loved the course and the enthusiasm shared by all. The pictures & video clips were amazing. Thank you!

Sp6 Silver-spotted Skipper (l).jpg



Highly recommend Speckled Wood Wildlife to everyone interested in nature and wildlife. Lovely photos and videos. Roo is just so enthusiastic about wildlife!




A good combination of expert knowledge and engaging multimedia content conveyed in an informal, friendly manner, The course was enjoyable and has enhanced my understanding of the natural world.


Winter Garden Birds - Class of 2020/21

We've loved running our Winter Garden Birds course, with 4 sessions before Christmas and 4 sessions in early 2021.


It really helped pass the long winter nights!


A highlight was our live video streams of our bird feeders for the Big Garden Birdwatch (30th & 31st January).

A Butterfly Year - March 21

To get everyone ready for Spring and Summer, we ran a course with a focus on butterflies, taking participants month by month through the year and the butterflies on the wing to look out for. We still weren't able to offer field trips as part of the course due to covid, but we did manage to offer an end of course quiz! 

Inkedbutterfly course edited.jpg
Inkedmoth course edited.jpg

An Introduction to Moths - May 21


We ran an introductory course to moths and moth trapping over 4 sessions with 2 catch up sessions so we could share the species we were seeing as the spring progressed. It was fantastic that 4 of our course participants purchased moth traps as a result and have started to log the many diverse and beautiful species that they have visit their own gardens.

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