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UK Residential Tours

Week Long Tours​​
May 2020.  Details & Prices £TBC
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Long Weekend Tours​​
Arrival for dinner & evening briefing, full day in the field with evening de-brief & prep for day 2, and second day in the field with late afternoon departure. These courses typically include 18 hours of contact time and cost £TBC per person.

Auks and Terns, Butterflies and Ants (June): North Wales: a trip to North Wales in June catches the end of the summer visit to our coast of Puffins, Guillemots, Razorbills as well as the graceful terns that come to nest on the coast on Anglesey. Its also the time to see the incredible emergence of Silver-studded Blue butterflies escorted by their ant guards as the exit the ants nest; is there any more bizarre relationship in the animal kingdom than a butterfly that hatches out in an ants nest?! This trip is a long weekend based at Llandudno to visit the Great Orme for its endemic sub-species of Silver-studded Blue and Grayling butterflies, as well as the wonderful range of birds completing their nesting season on Anglesey.


Scottish Wildlife (May): Chequered Skippers and Eagles. This tour is timed to get the most out of a weeks trip to the west coast to Scotland. We will travel up via the beautiful scenery north of the Loch Lomond area, staying locally near Glasdrum Wood, probably the best site in the UK for the rare Chequered Skipper butterfly. Also here we may see Pearl-bordered Fritillary, Green Hairstreak and a range of woodland birds. Then its on to the stunning isle of Mull for 5-nights where we will have day trips looking for White-tailed and Golden Eagles, Great Northern Divers and coastal birds that migrate past and summer on the Scottish islands. On previous trips we’ve been lucky to see both species of eagle together at the same site! Good luck might add Corncrake, Pine Martin, Red Squirrel and other sought-after species including the beautiful Scottish race of Marsh Fritillary butterfly. We’ll return after our stay on Mull, again via a nights stay near Glasdrum Wood to maximise our chances of finding the Chequered Skipper.

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